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Tangible Karma is a donation tracking service that gives you a chance to see the difference your donated goods can make in the world.

To use this service (after ordering or registering)

1. Attach Tangible Karma labels and tags (that are printed with a unique personal reference number) to goods you are donating.

2. Donate your items to your local charity or shelter.

3. Know that the person who receives an item with the Tangible Karma tag will understand that the item they are receiving has been very special to someone.

The recipient has the opportunity to let you know how the item touched their life by responding through the website or a toll-free number. You will receive the response through the email address you provide when ordering or registering.

You need a working email address to use the Tangible Karma donation tracking system.

At Tangible Karma our mission
is to inspire and motivate you
to transform items that are hindering your life
into valuable gifts
that could make a meaningful difference
in the life of another.

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I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.

~Maya Angelou
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